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It’s decision time NOW for Canada’s electricity system in 2050

March 26, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

March 26, 2014 – The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) released a new report that, it says, sheds light on the “urgent need for informed decision-making both in policy development and ongoing infrastructure investment” if Canada hopes to maintain the reliability, affordability and sustainability of its electricity system.

“Electricity infrastructure is replaced only very slowly, and the lead times for planning are long. That means decisions being made today will impact what our system will look like in 2050,” said Jim Burpee, CEA’s president and CEO.

CEA says the report, “Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System” (download below), offers recommendations to governments, regulators, electricity companies and the general public in four areas of opportunity that are likely to produce the greatest transformations:

• Accelerate innovation and customer management of energy
• Implement financial instruments for carbon reduction
• Enable electric vehicles
• Expand collaboration across borders


“Now is the time to act on a coordinated, proactive approach to renewing our country’s electricity grid, ensuring a safe and reliable system for our children and grandchildren,” added Burpee.

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