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RECAP – EBMag’s Tweets from OEL Ontario Electrical League annual conference

June 7, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

June 07, 2011 – The Ontario Electrical League (OEL) hosted its annual conference in Guelph. EBMag’s editor, Anthony Capkun, was there to record some of the action, and post it LIVE to EBMag’s Twitter feed. Below, we’ve consolidated all those Tweets for one-stop shopping (in reverse chronological order):

PHOTOS from the Ontario Electrical League’s (OEL’s) annual conference in Guelph, http://bit.ly/jdsx7I

OEL Update-Ron Bergeron discusses the system he’s developed to keep his guys safe in the field.

OEL Update-ESA explains electrocutions among apprentices & linemen are down, but UP among electricians.


OEL Update-Keynote Bill Hogg challenges next generation of leaders to step up with vision, passion & courage

OEL Update-A tribute to a community leader, Richard Cullis, who passed last year yfrog.com/h84n9dqj

OEL Update- awards dinner about to commence! yfrog.com/h3haulhj

OEL Update-visited a veal farm today to learn how they make electricity from biogas (i.e. poop)

OEL Update-MC Sid Ridgley suggests the 21st century is about “CO-OPETITION”

OEL Update-earlier, Gavan Howe discussed the opportunities available with smart grid

OEL Update-earlier this morning we heard from Jim Taggart from EFC, talking about Canada’s new Electrical Council

OEL Update-Keith Moss, president of Sonepar Canada, speaks about innovation at the electrical distributorship

OEL update-We’re at the Delta Guelph at the Ontario Electrical League conference.

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