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Rock your lighting education with Venture heavy metal V Tour

November 9, 2010 | By Craig Pearson

The heavy metal V tour isn’t your traditional road show, says the Venture Lighting Institute (VLI). When you buy a ticket for one of these tour cities, you will get an “album of new releases” in metal halide education.

“We are very excited about taking our band and a solid track of training on tour across the USA and Canada,” said Amanda Foust, VLI director. “Many people in the industry have misconceptions about the capabilities, benefits and energy efficiencies of pulse start. Launching the V tour is a fun way for us to reach a larger market with the great sounds of metal halide.”

The VLI recently announced its 2011 tour dates; the heavy metal rock theme promises both education and fun. The V Tour starts in Nashville, Tenn., then visits cities like Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

At the V concert, you can expect to hear several tracks played at the one-day class. This includes some of the original releases like the fundamentals of lamp and ballast technology. Other tracks like dimming and controls offer an alternative sound that electrifies the metal halide genre. Just to mix it up, the tour includes the typical ballad like regulatory and code updates affecting metal halide. Finally, concert-goers can enjoy the indie rock style of sustainable lighting trends.


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