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Scepter “Reel Deal” promotion lands prized connections

January 27, 2009
By Anthony Capkun

IPEX Inc., a manufacturer of a range of electrical products (including Scepter PVC rigid conduit and fittings), says its 2008 Scepter “Reel Deal” promotion that ran from July to October exceeded all expectations. For one, over 99% entrants submitted their entries online—a significant accomplishment for an industry where prospects are typically not online the majority of their working day.

company also stresses that the prizes were a big part of the success.
IPEX gave away one pair of top-quality Kodiak Blue workboots each day
(91 pairs in total), a Pentax Optio W60 digital camera each week (13 in
total), and 10 Sony Playstation 3 systems complete with the game
“Rapala Fishing Frenzy”.

But the
“reel” hook was the grand prize: one lucky winner and three friends get
to jet away on a mini-vacation to Miami, Fla., for a full day of
all-expenses-paid deep-sea fishing on a 50-ft luxury charter plus two
nights accommodation in a fabulous condo. The grand prize was worth
over $13,000, and the lucky winner is Dave Hines, originally of Nova
Scotia but now working for Chamco Industries Ltd. (Calgary, Alta.).

“I did
feel lucky that day, and this is the first time I’ve ever won anything
like this,” said Hines. “It was such a unique promotion and the prizes
were all top quality. It was a good reflection of the company because
Scepter is known for innovative products and very high, consistent

Hawke, marketing manager for IPEX, confirms there will be a 2009
edition of the “Reel Deal” promotion. “While this promotion helped us
make contact with potential new customers, it also gave us the
opportunity to show our appreciation to all the contractors who use and
rely on our products every day. It’s just as important to us as a way
of saying ‘Thanks’ for the trust they put in Scepter.”

In photo: IPEX sales rep, Blair Bechthold (left), presents the “Reel Deal” grand prize to Dave Hines of Chamco Industries Ltd.


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