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Sepco’s SolarPierwalk LED totally off-grid

September 1, 2016
By Renée Francoeur


September 1, 2016 –  Working in an arrangement with Beacon Products, Sepco has made Beacon’s Pierwalk into a 100% solar-powered outdoor system: SolarPierwalk LED.

It is a pole-mounted LED area, roadway, parking lot, walkway and perimeter light. Sepco says it is 100% self-storing and self-recharging.

Compact solar-panel assemblies for SolarPierwalk are selected and programmed by Sepco in-house solar-lighting engineers to recharge concealed storage-battery assemblies, the company notes, customizing SolarPierwalk illumination to location and use.

The LED is available in four designs and each housing is 17.5 in. round by 19.43 in.high. Fixture wattages range from 15W to 60W.


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