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Start creating your own Osram Lightify app

April 13, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

The Lightify App can be downloaded for free from various app stores. Photo courtesy Osram (2014).

April 13, 2016 – Osram has opened the programming interface for its Lightify app, meaning developers can now create their own apps for the Lightify Home system.

Lightify enables people to control their lights at home with their smartphones or tablets, from colour temperature and brightness to RGB lamps with various colour rendering.

The open app programming interface (REST API) can be used to develop Lightify apps for both desktops and mobile devices. As a result, home lighting can become “even more customized” to meet an individual’s own wishes, or can be combined with other applications.

By opening this interface, Osram says Lightify can also be integrated into home automation applications.


“Thanks to its link to the cloud, the interface offers virtually unlimited ways to design your lighting at home—regardless of where you happen to be at the time. As a result, creative people with programming knowledge can create their own light management,” said Lightify’s Timon Rupp.

Osram also offers an instruction guide that leads users through important programming steps (e.g. example applications and codes). Osram feel any user with the necessary programming knowledge can become creative with special lighting scenes for, say, children’s birthday parties or Christmas celebrations, to network possibilities in which light operates in unison with thermostats or other household devices.

The open interface for Lightify is available on different regional links:

For CANADA, U.S. and Australia, visit https://us.lightify-api.org

For Europe, visit https://eu.lightify-api.org

PHOTO: The Lightify App can be downloaded for free from various app stores. Photo courtesy Osram (2014).

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