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VIDEO – “The bottom line here is growth!” Affiliated Distributors Canada

December 25, 2012 | By Anthony Capkun

As a result of the sale of EECOL to Wesco, we suspected—then received confirmation—of Affiliated Distributors’ (AD) merger with Canadian electrical buying group, Independent Electrical Distributors (IED). Despite answering one question, this merger raised numerous others, such as…

What new benefits will existing IED members and AD Affiliates enjoy? What will happen to IED’s highly successful loyalty program, IED Rewards, and so on? Best go to the source, we say, so Electrical Business sat down with IED’s president, Jim Milne, and AD’s President, Electrical Divisions, David Oldfather, to get the answers to these questions, and to learn more about the new AD Canada. This is a must-watch for current IED members and AD affiliates in Canada, as well as their partner supplier and customers.

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