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Will new alloyed copper revolutionize overhead powerlines?

September 16, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

September 16, 2014 – Two feasibility studies conducted by the Dutch consultancy agency DNV GL appear to show that the higher maximum operating temperature of micro-alloyed copper conductors (patented by Spanish metallurgy company La Farga) compared to that of conventional steel-reinforced aluminum (ACSR) conductors enables the copper to carry overloads of at least 60%«—with no compromise on mechanical properties.

“The micro-alloyed copper conductor is yet another new and highly promising application for copper,” said Carme Saez, marketing director of La Farga. “At first sight it might seem strange to consider copper as a material for overhead lines, as it’s substantially heavier than aluminum. However, the material proposed is an advanced alloy. It offers all of the advantages of copper—such as high conductivity and corrosion resistance—and addresses drawbacks such as mechanical and thermal strength.”

Apparently, the micro-alloyed copper conductors also promise “outstanding energy efficiency, which compensates for their higher initial cost compared to ACSR conductors”.

The first study conducted by DNV GL examined the construction of new lines, while the second investigated the refurbishment of existing lines.


DOWNLOAD the White Paper, “Micro-alloyed copper overhead line conductors”, below. (This news forwarded to us by The European Copper Institute.)

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