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Are you working at Becoming Contractor of the Year?

July 28, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

“I’m stuck. I’m tired. I never have a weekend free. I need help. I need to make the next step in this company’s evolution. I can see it. I can sense it… I don’t want to lose what I’ve started, what we accomplished and worked so hard at building.”

EBMag is pleased to announce that Ron Coleman—our “It’s Your Business” columnist—has published a new book entitled: Becoming Contractor of the Year: While making more money and having more fun. This book follows the transformation of a contractor named Dave, who went from “doing okay” to becoming Contractor of the Year.

“This book is not for those looking to build themselves a job, but those
wanting to build their business, because a real business can run
effectively without your daily presence,” advises the author.

Becoming Contractor of the Year

goes through the same steps undertaken by Dave, including:

• Developing the right mindset

• Analyzing your numbers

• Executing change


Also included are helpful appendices containing handy worksheets, and so
much more.
Becoming Contractor of the Year also explores why small
businesses fail, how to tackle overhead, how to measure and manage and,
ultimately, how to make more money while having more fun.

After reading this book, you will have the tools you need to build your
business; you will be able to lay out your blueprint and make it
happen,” says Coleman.

(Contractor associations are encouraged to buy and promote this book for
the advantage of their membership and to raise funds for their
organization. This book is available at special quantity discounts to
use for sales promotions, employee premiums or educational purposes. A
40% price discount is offered on quantities of 100 or more.)


Ron Coleman is a commerce graduate, professional accountant, member of
the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of British Columbia,
and a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional
Speakers (CAPS). Spanning four continents over a 40-year timeframe, he brings his strong construction-related experience to his
accounting, consulting and speaking practice. And, of course, you can read his columns regularly in Electrical Business.


to visit Ron Coleman.

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