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Biased blades for Greenlee semi-con cable scoring tools (P2095, P2096)

September 15, 2016
By Renée Francoeur


September 15, 2016 – Two new semi-con cable scoring tools from Greenlee target those working in utility cable applications, specifically for stripping underground primary distribution cable.

The P2095 model has a capacity to score cable ø.73 – ø1.25 semi-con diameter and the P2096 model capacity is ø1.25 – ø1.55 semi-con diameter.
These tools also feature a biased blade to score the semi-con layer of a primary cable in different patterns based on the direction that the tool is rotated around the cable. The enclosed blade does not leave the surface of the semi-con layer at any point during cable scoring, Greenlee notes, ensuring the ring cut is not compromised.

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