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Eaton PVGard circuit breaker and switch rated 600vDC per pole

October 25, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


October 24, 2013 – Eaton says its PVGard moulded case circuit breaker and switch are the first in the industry rated to 600V direct current per pole for photovoltaic system applications.

The solutions with new integrated arc chute technology are designed to enhance safety, says the company, and may reduce installation costs and space requirements up to 66%. Customers can tap the new circuit breakers and switches to combine disconnect capability and overcurrent protection in a single, resettable device. In addition, the new PVGard circuit breakers and switches do not require jumpers to connect poles in a series, enabling additional cost and space savings. Available with a range of accessories, Eaton PVGard products can provide additional functionalities, including status monitoring, individual lockout/tagout (LOTO) capability, and remote turn On/Off operation.

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