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Human-centric LEDs suppress melatonin for alertness and productivity

January 13, 2020 | By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Photo: Luminus Devices

Luminus Devices recently launched its Salud line of 3030 mid-power LEDs. These LEDs are the first with datasheet specified melanopic ratios (MRs) in addition to CRI, R9, CCT and Flux. By enhancing the light spectrum with cyan for melatonin suppression and enriching the 660nm emission for natural skin tones and excellent red-rendering, Luminus says its Salud LEDs “can deliver warmer, more comfortable light that keeps people healthy, alert and productive.”

Scientists studying human circadian rhythm and the physiological reaction to light have found that low MRs are a signal to the body to prepare for sleep, while higher MRs tell the body to be more alert.

Standard warm CCT LEDs (3000K to 4000K) that are often used across the lighting industry have low MRs, which can result in reduced alertness and productivity. Cool CCTs have high MRs and people generally remain awake and alert in this light. However, in offices and other public spaces, cool CCTs can be considered too “blue,” and are typically not desirable. Luminus’ Salud LEDs deliver warm light and high MRs for healthy, productive and comfortable environments.

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