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IEEE commemorates 125 years

January 27, 2009
By Anthony Capkun

IEEE, the self-proclaimed largest technical professional society in the world, is commemorating its 125th anniversary this year with a variety of activities revolving around the theme of “Celebrating 125 Years of Engineering the Future”.

anniversary events include the first IEEE Presidents’ Change the World
Competition for college and university students worldwide; a global
media roundtable and webcast addressing emerging, world-changing
technologies; a series of celebrations in major world cities throughout
the year; and IEEE Engineering the Future Day on May 13 (the actual
anniversary date).

traces its roots to the founding of the American Institute of
Electrical Engineers by early industry giants such as Thomas Alva
Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Today’s global IEEE has become a
“trusted source for fostering technological innovation and excellence
for the benefit of humanity as well as the profession”.

ensure that IEEE members, media, members of the technology industry and
the general public have a one-stop resource for everything related to
the anniversary, IEEE launched an anniversary website to provide
up-to-date information on anniversary activities.

CLICK HERE for the latest information on the new anniversary website.

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