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QuickTreX introduces modular plugs for Category 5e-Category 6A applications

June 3, 2011
By Alyssa Dalton


June 3, 2011 – QuickTreX has introduced its family of shielded and unshielded 8-pin modular plugs for use in Category 5 and Category 5E applications, as well as Category 6, Category 6 Enhanced, and Category 6A applications: Category 5E Modular Plugs with loadbar; Category 6 Modular Plugs with loadbar; Category 6E (and 5E) Shielded Modular Plugs with loadbar; and Category 6A Shielded Modular Plugs with loadbar. Each connector includes a patented loadbar made from a dielectric material that also absorbs more unwanted crosstalk and enhances ease of installation with virtually foolproof results, says the company. They are also suitable for both solid and stranded conductor wire, it adds.


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