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ASCO releases Sigma LT for portable load bank control

June 29, 2016 – Emerson’s ASCO Power Technology, a provider of infrastructure for information and communications technology systems, has introduced the ASCO Sigma LT for entry-level, remote and local controllers for portable, 100kW resistive load banks.

The Sigma LT hand-held, remote controller networks up to 25 load banks using CAN bus communications protocol, according to ASCO, and operators can monitor and control all networked load banks, or a single unit in the network, up to 800 ft away. The controller also has the capability to vary, accept or reject load on a single unit within a network.

A 4.3 in. colour touch screen on the remote controller displays 3-phase voltage, power, current and frequency readings, and selected load. It also provides true, de-rated loading when the working voltage is less than load bank nominal voltage. Data logging and statistical data can be downloaded to a USB flash. The digital toggle switch control with LED display is standard with ASCO series 2110 portable load banks.


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