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GoConex wire-free switch inventors recognized for innovation

March 1, 2018
By Anthony Capkun

March 1, 2018 – Congratulations to James Keirstead and Jim Qualie, P.Eng., B.Sc. (Edmonton) who were recognized with a 2017 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award and $10,000-prize money for their GoConex wire-free switch.

Here’s how it works: GoConex sends RF commands to a receiver located in the junction box(es), thereby controlling an electrical load such as a light. The new light switch is mounted in any desired location on the wall, and looks just like a typical Decora switch.

According to the awards website, Keirstead and Qualie had previously developed a wireless control system for the hot tub/spa industry, then decided to apply their skills and experience to adapt the technology for wireless electrical controls in homes.

GoConex reports Alberta’s Department of Municipal Affairs recently issued a new Electrical Standata (PDF) permitting wire-free switching in all new construction projects.

In Canada, GoConex is sold at Home Hardware and Kent Building Supplies and, by now, may be available at RONA and Lowe’s Canada.