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Nucleom to commercialize Hydro-Quebec’s LineCore and LineOhm technologies

June 16, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

Stand-alone version of the LineCore probe, hoisted by linemen on a conductor for an inspection. Photo © CNW Group/Hydro-Quebec.

June 16, 2021 – Hydro-Quebec has entered into an agreement with Quebec-based Nucleom for the “industrialization and commercialization” of the LineCore and LineOhm powerline inspection technologies, which were developed at the Hydro-Quebec research centre.

“This partnership with Nucleom will facilitate supply for Hydro-Quebec and enable the deployment of our technologies on electric power systems around the world by an organization with proven expertise in non-destructive testing and critical infrastructure inspection,” said Hydro-Quebec’s Patrick Judge.

The LineCore sensor takes a non-destructive approach to determining the galvanic protection on transmission & distribution line conductors, including those that are live. It measures the thickness of the zinc layer across an entire span and detects anomalies caused by corrosion without sampling.

As for the LineOhm sensor, it makes it possible to assess the condition of the splice sleeves that connect two conductors.


The LineCore and LineOhm sensors may be deployed on a line using obstacle clearing inspection tools developed by Hydro-Quebec, including LineScout, LineRanger and LineDrone.

The agreement between Nucleom and Hydro-Quebec stipulates that, following the initial industrialization phase, Nucleom will provide its customers with a line inspection service that relies on the new self-propelled version of the LineCore sensors.

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